A Closer Look at Android 12L for Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is one of the most innovative Android devices currently on the market, as its dual-screen form factor essentially transforms it into a super-productive computer that fits any pocket.

Currently at its second generation, the Surface Duo isn’t necessarily a leader in terms of under-the-hood hardware, though its specifications are still more than enough for 99 percent of the potential customers.

And starting in late October, the Surface Duo is offering a completely upgraded experience, all thanks to the arrival of Android 12L.

The new operating system obviously comes with lots of improvements for the Surface Duo, starting with the visual refresh that’s inspired by Windows 11.

That’s right, Microsoft is bringing Windows 11 and Android closer together, as the software giant has tried to make the mobile experience feel as familiar as possible for those with a Windows computer.

“With unified iconography, colors and UI controls, the Surface Duo fe… (

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Juniya Sankara

I love everything to do with Microsoft Windows, and the new Windows 11 is great so far. I love to spend my time researching on how viruses and bacteria work in my personal lab. I also enjoy history and comics.