Configure Windows Sandbox in Windows 10 Version 1903

Windows Sandbox is a completely new feature exclusively available in Windows 10 May 2019 Update, or version 1903.

Its purpose is to allow users to run apps in a secure environment, as it plays the role of a virtual machine that lets you launch a separate Windows instance that runs in a sandbox and blocks potentially dangerous files from reaching the data stored on the local drives.

“At Microsoft we regularly encounter these situations, so we developed Windows Sandbox: an isolated, temporary, desktop environment where you can run untrusted software without the fear of lasting impact to your PC. Any software installed in Windows Sandbox stays only in the sandbox and cannot affect your host. Once Windows Sandbox is closed, all the software with all its files and state are permanently deleted,” Microsoft explains.

As you probably know if you already tried Windows Sandbox, there are no configuration settings available for this feature, and the only thing you can do, at… (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

Juniya Sankara

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