Windows Mobile Recommended Game: Crime Coast


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Yes of course, we all know the Windows Platform may have a shortage of apps and games. I need not go through how much Windows Mobile is always amongst the last to receive updates and features to apps..

Nevertheless, there are some games on the Windows Mobile platform you can find in the Microsoft Store that are pretty awesome. Blink and you might miss ’em.

One of the coolest games for Windows Mobile is Crime Coast. Crime Coast is like a cross between Grand Theft Auto and The SIMS. A builder game where you get to control criminals: from crooked cops, psycho nurses, and buff henchmen while building a your city a la SIMS style.

You get to play against other players across the globe and defend your own city from attacks with upgrades to buildings and gangsters. Being unruly has never been this much fun.

To progress in the game you raid other towns and aim to destroy the city centre (Kind of like Age of Empires). Character upgrades, walls and weapons are unlocked as you progress and raid more towns.

Some of the games features include a worldwide chat room where you can recruit other players to be a part of your “Mafia”. Players in gangs can protect one another by sending characters available in their garrison to

Members of a gang can also defect or “snitch” on their fellow players (often with dire repercussions!) or throw parties in cribs of their fellow players cities.

You might get raided by rival players and gangs, so make sure your city is well planned out from the start and pick your fights wisely.

When I downloaded this little mug I couldn’t keep up with work anymore. My life was being sucked into the game so much that I had to delete it. This game is highly addictive. You’ve been warned.

Download Crime Coast for Windows Mobile here