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Do you want to enlarge jpg and png photos for free? If yes, then you have definitely landed on the right page. Let’s first tell you that there are many online tools available on the internet which may give you the facility of free image enlargement and enhancement. But, not every tool can offer the same results. That’s because these tools are integrated with different working principles and coding logic. Their primary aim is to offer you an enhanced and enlarged image but the results can vary a lot based on the tool you’re using.

So, you must be now wondering what’s the best free online tool available that can act as a photo enlarger. If yes, then please keep reading the following sections where you will reveal in-depth details on two particular tools e.g. AI Image Enlarger and Photo Enlarger.

A brief overview of AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger is an easy to use and effortless tool that’s backed by deep machine learning algorithms. The core of this online software is powered by SRCNN network that can process all of your uploaded images for flawless enlargement and enhancement. If you have any .jpg, .jpeg, and .png photos, you can quickly upload it on the tool and let it process your image.

Whether you are looking forward to enlarge png photos or you wish to enlarge jpg image files, AI Image Enlarger surely has no exception! Not only the tool ensures super-fast processing, but also it ensures the right enhancement/enlargement of the uploaded images without hampering the original quality.

Features & benefits of AI Image Enlarger

This photo enlarger software lets you enhance any jpg and png photo for free.The tool ensures optimum quality.It’s powered by deep machine learning algorithm that ensures the best-possible image enlargement.No fuzzy and blurry effects after image enlargement.This online tool is free to use and no download is required.

Let’s now check the output image of AI Image Enlarger…

Before using AI image enlarger:

After using AI image enlarger:

A brief overview of Photo Enlarger

In the previous sections, you have read about AI Image Enlarger, benefits, and features. Are you now looking for another convenient tool for a quick comparison? If yes, then here’s an option for you i.e. Photo Enlarger.

To give you a brief introduction about this software, it’s a simple online tool that can be used without any pre-download and installation. If you wish to enlarge photos via this software,

then you are all needed to navigate to the website of Photo Enlarger, upload your desired image, select the enlargement factors, and click on the Enlarge button. Within a few moments, the tool will publish the enlarged and enhanced image and give you the options for download. Let’s now talk about the features and benefits of this online image enlarger tool.

Before using the basic photo enlarger:

After using the basic photo enlarger:

Comparison between the two resulted photos

Of course, as it’s mentioned in the earlier sections, Photo Enlarger is easy to use and it serves the purpose i.e. it helps you to enlarge png and jpg photos for free. But, we need to ensure the quality of the converted/enlarged image. And, this is where Photo Enlarger lags quite a bit. In terms of performance and the quality of the output image, AI Image Enlarger perfectly stands out and it gives you a well-enlarged and well-enhanced image that has no blurry effects. On the contrary, you can still witness some blurry, hazy, and fuzzy effects in the output image that’s enlarged via Photo Enlarger.

Therefore, it can be clearly mentioned that AI Image Enlarger performs a lot better than Photo Enlarger in terms of output image quality.

Install AI Image Enlager on Windows


If you have an image that you want to convert via a reliable and efficient tool that ensures the most optimum result, then AI Image Enlarger should be your first choice. There can be a myriad of similar tools (e.g. Photo Enlarger) available on the web, but AI Image Enlarger always stands out from them in terms of its performance, output image quality, and clarity.

AI Image Enlarger is free to use and it’s efficient too. Without any hesitation, use this tool for enlarging all types of photos including png and jpg files.

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