Microsoft Brings More Ads to Windows 11


The concept of ads in Windows has always been pretty controversial, especially because many users out there believe that once they pay for a product, Microsoft has no right to spam them with advertisements.

While this is a completely wrong approach, as users are actually paying for the right to use Windows (and not to own the software), ads have never been received well anyway.

But it doesn’t seem like Microsoft is bothered by this.

The software giant is now experimenting with a new idea that’s very likely to fuel the frustration in its user community.

Spotted by Albacore and shared on Twitter, the latest ad made its way directly to the user session flyout in the Start menu. In other words, when you click the Start menu to access the user session controls, you now see a OneDrive ad that doesn’t necessarily feel at home in this place.

“Back up your files,” the ad reads, prompting users t… (read more)

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