Microsoft Resolves Important Windows 11 2022 Update Bug

While the rollout of Windows 11 2022 Update continues, Microsoft also tries to make sure the new version is struggling with fewer bugs.

And recently, it managed to resolve a series of potential issues caused by the daylight savings time change in Jordan.

Computers in the country might be confused by the new settings, with Microsoft explaining that the time shown in Windows and apps may not be correct, while the notifications you get could obviously be issued with a 60-minute delay.

While you might be tempted to believed that the whole thing only affects users in Jordan, it does not. Microsoft says other devices could experience the same issues if they connect to servers or devices located in the country.

“On October 5, 2022, the Jordanian government made an official announcement ending the winter-time Daylight Saving Time (DST) time zone change. Starting at 12:00 a.m. Friday, October 28, 2022, the official time will not advance by an hour and will permanently shi… (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

I love everything to do with Microsoft Windows, and the new Windows 11 is great so far. I love to spend my time researching on how viruses and bacteria work in my personal lab. I also enjoy history and comics.