New Winamp Version Now Available for Download

We’ve known for a while that Winamp was supposed to make a comeback, but up to this point, it was pretty much impossible to predict when a new version would be launched.

A new build showed up out of nowhere last week, and even though it doesn’t come with an impressive number of changes, it does pave the way for more bigger new features in the coming updates.

This is because with the release of version 5.9 RC1 build 9999, Winamp is making the switch from VS 2008 to VS 2019, therefore switching to a current version that allows for more new functionality to be added.

Another big change in this release is the full support for Windows 11. At the same time, Winamp has dropped support for Windows XP and Windows Vista, so starting with this build, you’re going to need at least Windows 7 to run the app.

“This is the culmination of 4 years’ work since the 5.8 release. Two dev teams, and a pandemic-induced hiatus period inbetween. To the end-user, it might not seem like the… (read more)
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Juniya Sankara

I love everything to do with Microsoft Windows, and the new Windows 10 is great so far. I love to spend my time researching on how viruses and bacteria work in my personal lab. I also enjoy history and comics.