Password Recovery Tool Shows Just How Easy It Is to Steal Windows Passwords

Password recovery solutions have been around for a long time, but one particular application is capable of taking advantage of the way Windows works to be able to read data that’s otherwise encrypted.

LaZagne, developed by Alessandro Zanni, is a software application whose role was to extract passwords from Windows computers, and in the previous versions, it could do that without even asking for credentials for the administrator account. The only requirement was to run the software on the target computer with the user signed in.

And while LaZagne was a very effective solution when it came to extracting passwords, it did come with limitations, such as the physical access to the system that was absolutely required.

But a recent update powered by a component called LaZagneForensic (LZF) pushed things even further and allows the program to recover passwords either by extracting data from dump files from the target co… (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

Juniya Sankara

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