Snipping Tool Gets Screen Recording in the Latest Windows 11 Update

Snipping Tool is getting a major update in the latest Windows 11 release. In addition to capturing screenshots, the app is now capable of recording what’s happening on the screen.

Snipping Tool has long been a fan-favorite in Windows, and this is probably the reason it survived Microsoft’s wrath in the first place. At one point supposed to be discontinued, Snipping Tool not only survived, but it is actually getting major updates.

The debut of Moment 2, Windows 11’s latest pack of improvements, witnesses the introduction of video recording support in the app.

Previously, such functionality was mainly available with third-party software or the Xbox game bar, but with Snipping Tool, everything is becoming a lot more convenient.

Microsoft has tried to make the process as straightforward as possible, so the app also features a keyboard shortcut specifically to begin a new screen recording.

“We’re continuing to expand the capabilities of this fan-favorite app, so now … (

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Juniya Sankara

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