Windows QuestionsCategory: Windows 10 Help & FeedbackCheapest Place To Buy Windows 10??
AvatarZacherySymons4 asked 5 years ago

Honesty, I don’t have a windows PC(I have been using a mac for 14 years) but with the new windows 10 ii want to get it but like am looking for a cheap place to buy it online so that I can install it on my other laptop(a linux hehe).

It’s kind of too expensive for me to pay the full price because of my school bills, so can anyone help me find a little discount?

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Juniya SankaraJuniya Sankara Staff answered 5 years ago

Lucky for you we have a page that gives you links to the cheapest places to download windows 10! Check out: Buy Windows 10 Online
Let me know if this helps!