Windows QuestionsCategory: Surface Help & FeedbackWhere I can get Surface Pro 3 manual?
AvatarBrendanBliss89 asked 5 years ago

does anyone know where I can get the official manual for surface pro 3?? I just bought a SP3 and so far i love it but i can’t seem to like switch it off to sleep mode or something, i need the damn manual lol hope anyone can help.

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Juniya SankaraJuniya Sankara Staff answered 5 years ago

Hey Brendan, the answer to your question is simple and luckily we JUST literally added the surface tablet user guides available to download, for free on our site just a few minutes ago.
You are in luck, go to:

Let me know if you need anything else bro.

AvatarBrendanBliss89 replied 5 years ago

Thanks a lot!! thats exactly what I was looking for, i was going a bit nuts trying to find these.