This Windows 10 Tablet Is the First to Feature Palm Vein Authentication

Fingerprint sensors appear to be so yesterday, with most manufacturers now looking into alternative authentication methods that can’t be bypassed and which provide enhanced security to users.

While Microsoft, Samsung, and even Apple are looking into face and iris recognition, Fujitsu has decided to look somewhere else, and the company just launched a tablet featuring palm vein authentication.

While this might sound unusual at first (and it kind of is given that it’s the first device in the world that needs you scan your veins before letting you get to the desktop), Fujitsu says that the so-called Arrows Tab Q507/P-SP 10.1-inch Windows 10 tablet is just the first in a longer series of devices featuring such technology.

Water and dust resistance too

The biggest challenge was to fit the technology into such a small device, Fujitsu says, mostly because the device is so thin and it needs to be able to accurately scan the owner’s palm.

And it looks li… (read more)

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