What You Need to Run Android Apps on Windows 11

While Windows 11 comes with so many great features, one of the main highlights is without a doubt the support for Android apps.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, this may sound like a huge surprise for you, but yes, Windows 11 now supports Android apps.

Long-time Windows users probably remember BlueStacks, as this was one of the most advanced and straightforward ways to run Android apps on Microsoft’s operating system. However, after the introduction of Windows 11, the software giant wanted to make Android apps feel as native as possible on its operating system.

Thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Android, users can now download and install apps and games built for Google’s mobile operating system right on their PCs. And thanks to the deep integration put together by Microsoft, they can also interact with these apps in a very convenient manner – for instance, the Android apps can be pinned to the taskbar, just like any other native Windows app… (

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Juniya Sankara

I love everything to do with Microsoft Windows, and the new Windows 11 is great so far. I love to spend my time researching on how viruses and bacteria work in my personal lab. I also enjoy history and comics.