Windows 11 Can Now Offer Energy Recommendations

Microsoft has started testing a new Windows 11 feature that provides users with energy recommendations right in the Settings app.

With energy prices going through the roof, it’s never too late to focus a little bit more on energy efficiency. And making sure that your computer isn’t using more energy than necessary is a good place to start.

Microsoft has recently released a new feature that can help on this front as part of the Windows Insider program, with Windows 11 now capable of providing users out there with recommendations on how to better optimize the energy consumption of their computers.

The new section in the Windows 11 Settings app will display recommendations like putting the device to sleep after 3 minutes, turning off the screen much faster, or stop USB devices when the screen is off. All these should help reduce energy consumption and therefore lower the carbon footprint of the device.

“We are beginning to roll out Energy Recommendations under Setti… (read…

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Juniya Sankara

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