Windows 11 Moment 2 Breaks Down UI Customization Apps


Windows 11 Moment 2 is now available for download, and in addition to plenty of new features and improvements, it looks like the new release also includes a major bug.

Some third-party UI customization apps appear to be broken down after the installation of Moment 2, and Microsoft says users should just reach out to the developers of these apps for additional support.

Two of the apps that are seemingly impacted by this glitch are StartAllBack and ExplorerPatcher.

“After installing KB5022913 or later updates, Windows devices with some third-party UI customization apps might not start up. These third-party apps might cause errors with explorer.exe that might repeat multiple times in a loop. The known affected third-party UI customization apps are ExplorerPatcher and StartAllBack. These types of apps often use unsupported methods to achieve their customization and as a result can have unintended results on your Windows device,” Microsoft explains.

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