Windows 7 Won’t Just Be a Sitting Duck


Microsoft will officially retire Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, at which point the company will become nearly entirely focused on Windows 10.

With Windows 8.1 remaining the only non-Windows 10 version still receiving support, Microsoft giving up on Windows 7 will most likely become a challenge for the software giant and users alike, especially given how popular the 2009 operating system still is these days.

Windows 7 has more than 30 percent market share, which means that more than 3 in 10 computers out there are still on the OS that Microsoft plans to kill in less than six months.

For Microsoft, this can only be bad news, especially because one more user staying with Windows 7 means one user not migrating to Windows 10.

For users, on the other hand, it’s one difficult migration that many won’t be willing to do, and judging from these market share stats, there’s a chance lots of them would stick with Windows 7 even beyond the January 2020 deadline.

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