WinRAR 6.10 Live With Windows 11 Context Menus, Windows XP No Longer Supported


WinRAR has just received a new major update, and this time, Windows users are getting lots (and when I say lots, I totally mean it) of changes.

First and foremost, the update to WinRAR 6.10 includes full support for the Windows 11 context menu.

The developing team explains that due to the changes that Microsoft implemented in its new operating system, apps can only use a single top-level command or submenu in the context menu available in File Explorer. This is why WinRAR had to adapt.

“If “Cascaded context menus” in “Integration settings” dialog is on, this single item is a submenu storing all necessary WinRAR commands. If this option is off, only one extraction command for archives and one archiving command for usual files are available. You can select these commands with “Context menu items…” button in “Integration settings” dialog,’ the changelog reveals.

Goodbye, Windows XP!

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