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Hello everyone, you can download SQL Server 2019 for your server whether that be on the cloud with Azure, Windows, Virtual Machine, Linux or a container image like Docker, whatever your choice is, it is now available.

Today we will focus on some core reasons why Microsoft’s latest SQL Server might just be exactly what you need whether if its for personal usage or it you want to stabilize and improve your business IT network. This new edition has a bunch of new security improvements and new features that make it easy to adapt and import data that is exactly why we are featuring it today, it is surely a product that you or your company should look into. Whether your data is structured or unstructured, query and analyze it using the data platform with industry-leading performance and security and this has been proven with Microsoft’s SQL Server being the least most vulnerable database setup in the past 9 years. Let’s find out what else makes SQL 2019 Server worth your time.

What Is SQL Server 2019 About?

SQL Server 2019 enables enterprises to gain intelligence over all data types, both structured and unstructured, by combining the power of new big data clusters with enhanced data virtualization. These powerful additions to SQL Server enable enterprises to not only store and query big data at scale but also combine it with structured data in whatever database it may reside such as SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others. SQL Server also includes built-in AI capabilities to enable comprehensive analytics and AI solutions for all your data needs.

SQL Server 2019 builds on the mission of providing one of the most performant databases in the market by investing in key capabilities like intelligent query processing, which greatly improves query performance with no application changes, as well as accelerated database recovery which enables faster recovery times irrespective of the number or size of active transactions in the system.

SQL Server 2019 encompasses all of this in one product, SQL Server 2019 brings enhancements in the core SQL engine, offers a scale-up and scale-out system with built in support for Big Data (Apache Spark, Data Lake), state of the art data virtualization technology, and with built-in machine learning capabilities.

SQL Server 2019 is designed to solve challenges of the modern data professional including:

SQL Server 2019 Features

  • Store enterprise data in a data lake and offer SQL and Spark query capability overall data
  • Reduce the need for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) applications by eliminating data movement
  • Integrate and secure machine learning applications with scalable performance
  • Reduce the need for application and query changes to gain a boost in performance
  • Increase confidential computing of data through hardware enclaves
  • Increase application and database uptime and availability through features like ADR (Advanced Database Recovery)
  • Extend the power of the T-SQL language in a secure and robust fashion
  • Run applications and deploy databases across multiple operating systems and platforms with compatibility
  • Reduce the risk of upgrades while using new SQL capabilities when you are ready though inbuilt database compatibility levels

Unified data platform

Enterprises today use multiple data platforms to meet their business needs. This ranges from operational databases, to data-marts, and to Big Data platforms. These platforms have different security models and tools ecosystems, which often require different skill sets and domain expertise. SQL Server 2019 offers all these capabilities as a unified data platform.

Customers can choose to deploy SQL Server in a traditional pattern. SQL Server 2019 also supports big data cluster deployment that comes with additional capabilities of big data, data virtualization, data-mart and enterprise data lake.

Install SQL Server 2019

Download SQL Server 2019 for Windows/Azure/Linux/Docker NOTE: t will now automatically redirect you to SQL Server 2022 or newer.

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