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Hello everyone, you can download Windows Server 2019 and experience a premium and somewhat underrated product from Microsoft. Of course many of you reading this probably are using Windows Server 2016 and are looking to upgrade, luckily you will be able to upgrade from Windows Server 2016 to Windows Server 2019 without much of hustle. We also have both Windows Server 2019 essentials and Windows Server 2019 standard edition, both are available to download & install below.

Today we will feature one of the best products Microsoft has released in the last 6 to 7 months, besides our favorite Surface products of course. I am talking about Windows Server 2019. We just bought our license package and 25% of our servers now officially run Windows Server 2019 while 75% of our servers are still running the trusty Linux OS. We expect to upgrade up to half of our servers to the latest Windows Server but that will probably take awhile, maybe year or so. Either way, I am loving the new Windows Server 2019 especially how easy it integrates with Azure, so if you are interested in using the cloud hosted version, it will work just fine. I personally still believe Windows servers are the best type of servers to host plain files for people to download, I have held this opinion since I started using Windows Servers, that’s more than 10 years ago. Anyway, let us know what you think about this server, we have all the features and more information right below, let us know in the comments below.

[ Download Windows 2019 Server ] – A premium server that is flexible, fast and easy to manage.

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Best Windows 2019 Server Features

#1. Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center or WAC is the future of remote server management, designed to modernize and simplify the IT administration experience. All New Windows Server 2019 Features are surfaced in the Windows Admin Center. It’s replacement for “In Box” administration tools – Like Server Manager, DHCP manager, Hyper-V manager and the almost 20 MMC consoles required to efficiently manage your Windows Environment.

It’s browser based, therefore super lightweight and it’s a single pane of glass that consolidates all aspects of local and remote server management.

#2. Storage Migration Services

Number 2 on our list is the Storage Migration Services. It makes it easier to migrate servers to a newer version of Windows Server. It provides a graphical tool that inventories data on servers, transfers the data and configuration to another servers without apps or users having to change anything.

It’s number 2 on our list because if you’ve got a server (or a lot of servers) that you want to migrate to newer hardware or virtual machines. Storage Migration Service is designed to help by doing the following:

  • Inventory multiple servers and their data
  • Rapidly transfer files, file shares, and security configuration from the source servers
  • Optionally take over the identity of the source servers (also known as cutting over) so that users and apps don’t have to change anything to access existing data
  • Manage one or multiple migrations from the Windows Admin Center user interface
  • If you want to get off your old Windows Server 2008 or even Windows Server 2003 this is the tool for you to get it done without the headaches normally associated with the operations. And all of this built-in to Windows Server 2019.

#3. Hybrid Cloud

The Server Core App Compatibility feature on demand (FOD) significantly improves the app compatibility of the Windows Server Core installation option by including a subset of binaries and components from Windows Server with the Desktop Experience, without adding the Windows Server Desktop Experience graphical environment itself. This is done to increase the functionality and compatibility of Server Core while keeping it as lean as possible.

#4. Security

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) – ATP’s deep platform sensors and response actions expose memory and kernel level attacks and respond by suppressing malicious files and terminating malicious processes.

Windows Defender ATP Exploit Guard is a new set of host-intrusion prevention capabilities. The four components of Windows Defender Exploit Guard are designed to lock down the device against a wide variety of attack vectors and block behaviors commonly used in malware attacks, while enabling you to balance security risk and productivity requirements.

Attack Surface Reduction(ASR) is set of controls that enterprises can enable to prevent malware from getting on the machine by blocking suspicious malicious files (for example, Office files), scripts, lateral movement, ransomware behavior, and email-based threats.

Network protection protects the endpoint against web-based threats by blocking any outbound process on the device to untrusted hosts/IP addresses through Windows Defender SmartScreen.

Controlled folder access protects sensitive data from ransomware by blocking untrusted processes from accessing your protected folders.

Exploit protection is a set of mitigations for vulnerability exploits (replacing EMET)that can be easily configured to protect your system and applications.

#5. Linux on Windows Server 2019

You can finally install Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows Server 2019. This is my favorite feature without a doubt because the Windows Subsystem for Linux allows you to run GNU/Linux environment – including most command-line tools, utilities, and applications, directly on Windows server 2019, unmodified, without the overhead of a virtual machine.

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