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Hello everyone, today you can download Avast Secure Browser for Windows 11 and experience a pretty good web browser that already has most of the features you would need to feel safe and secure as you browse any web site.

I am a huge fan of Avast, matter of fact, most of us here at the Oxavi Group offices are. We use Avast antivirus as our default antivirus software on all of our Windows 11 computers, period. Avast is seriously the best antivirus on Windows 11 and we have written about it, you can read more on our best antivirus on Windows 11 article. So because we trust Avast the company, it makes sense that we took a closer look at Avast’s official web browser. It is better than we thought. I am not going to say it is the best browser out there, because it is not, but if you are looking for a stable and secure browser that will also protect and hide your private data as you browse sensitive web sites, this Avast secure browser might just be exactly what you need. If you go to a lot of websites with popups, this includes torrent web sites and streaming web sites, then again, this browser might be the one for you to try. You can always remove it if you don’t like it. Let me know in the comments what you think about it and if they need to change anything.

Install Avast Secure Browser on Windows

Download Avast Secure Browser for Windows 11

What Is Avast Secure Browser About?

Avast Secure Browser gives you all the tools to easily manage and be in control of your online security. It significantly improves performance by using less memory and extending battery life, and it updates existing critical features with security-bolstering upgrades. Avast secure browser increases your capabilities by smartly managing your resources with the new ‘Performance Manager.’ Future versions of Avast Secure Browser will add more Performance Manager tools.

Avast Secure Browser is a great browser for anyone who:

  • Prefers to bank online
  • Wants to keep passwords, bank details, and credit card numbers protected from cyber criminals
  • Likes to download and save video and audio files from streaming sites to watch later
  • Wants to compare prices and shop in the comfort of their own home without being chased with constant ads by the sites they’ve visited
  • Hates when any site or extension changes their browser settings without asking first
  • Likes to browse with speed and fluidity without being interrupted by ads, banners, and popups
  • Wants to avoid pages that use scams to steal personal, bank, and credit card data
  • Does not want websites to use automatic scripts to mine digital coins without consent
  • Wants to browse online with privacy, without leaving traces that snoopers can see
  • Wants ease-of-use with their browser, with all security tools set for them in one place

Avast Secure Browser Features:

  • Speed – Our tests show web pages load up to 4X faster than they do with other popular browsers.
  • Security – Avast Secure Browser defends against web-based attacks such as ransomware, phishing and other malware.  Plus, there’s an additional layer of security with Bank Mode for online banking and buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.
  • Privacy – New features protect users from mass surveillance, profile building, and other invasions of consumer privacy.  Avast Secure Browser ships with Adblock, Anti-Tracking, and Anti-Fingerprinting switched ON to keep your online life private.

Avast Secure Browser Screenshot

Avast Secure Browser Video

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