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Hello everyone, today you will finally be able to download Penbook for Windows 11 and experience one of the best note-taking apps available right now. This is honestly one of the best freehand writing experiences on Windows 11. By the way expect more Microsoft product related posts and tutorials starting next week, we will start with more Surface Book, Surface Studio and Surface Laptop content.

Today we will highlight some of the reasons why we think you should give Penbook a try on your Windows 10 device if you are looking for a premium, smooth and reliable app to use for your Hololens, Windows 10 PC, your Surface laptop/tablet and on top of that, Penbook also works perfectly with your Surface Dial. This app was specifically designed to be used with a Pen but it can also work if you use it with your mouse or hand on a touch-screen enabled device. I have been using this app with my Surface Book 2 and on our Surface Studio that we use here at the office. It really makes things easy to save, make a quick to-do list and yes, draw whatever I want to draw.

Install Penbook on Windows

What Is Penbook For Windows About?

Penbook is an app that allows you to have a smooth and freehand writing experience on your Windows 10 device. Not to mention, the creators of this app, UserCamp, were the nominee for the 2018 App Creator of the Year.

Penbook lets you take notes, plan your day (or year), draw a sketch, or do your math homework. Penbook includes dozens of kinds of stationery, from graph paper to sheet music. You can even import your own photos or PDFs to write on.

Keep your work organized with beautiful, customizable notebook covers. Create in portrait or landscape mode, and share and export your work with just a few taps.

Penbook was built for pens (but you can use your finger or a mouse, if you want), and includes support for Surface Dial.

Penbook Features:

  • Lots of ruled and squared paper stationery for writing
  • Stationery for planners, checklists, and calendars
  • Creative stationery types like penmanship, calligraphy, and sheet music
  • Drawing stationery, like perspective and isometric guides
  • Device templates for mocking up your next big app
  • Draw plays on baseball, hockey, soccer, football, and basketball templates
  • Built for pens and the Surface Dial
  • Write on your own photos or PDFs
  • Insert images into our penbooks, and draw on top of them
  • Keep your work organized with beautiful Penbook covers

Penbook Screenshot

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