Author: Juniya Sankara

Microsoft fixes black search bug on windows 11

Microsoft Fixes Black Search Bug on Windows 11

Microsoft has recently released a new Windows 11 preview build for insiders, and one notable fix concerns the search feature available on the OS and integrated into the taskbar. Some insiders have previously encountered...

Microsoft fixes remote desktop bug on windows 10

Microsoft Fixes Remote Desktop Bug on Windows 10

While all eyes are on Windows 11 these days, it doesn’t necessarily mean Microsoft has forgotten about Windows 10. In fact, the company even recommends users whose devices aren’t eligible for the upgrade to...

Microsoft confirms another windows 11 bug

Microsoft Confirms Another Windows 11 Bug

The Windows 11 rollout continues, but in the meantime, Microsoft is carefully watching how the whole thing goes, trying to spot bugs in their early days and prevent them from hitting more devices. Most...