Halloween Theme Pack


Jack o lanterns candles darkHello everyone, you can download a Halloween theme pack, before you do that, I hope this post will put a smile on your faces regardless of how your day is with this custom Windows theme I personally made for you all to enjoy.

How to install Halloween theme on Windows 11 or 10

To install this custom Halloween season theme pack on either Windows 10 or Windows 11, just follow the directions:

  1. Download Halloween theme for Windows from our servers
  2. Once it’s done, just double click it and it will automatically install it.
  3. Right click on your desktop and click Personalize and the new theme should be there for you to select & edit.

(You have to right-click and click ‘save link as’ if the download doesn’t start automatically)

Screenshot of the theme

Screenshot of halloween themeScreenshot of halloween theme

Today we will highlight an awesome Windows 11 theme pack featuring high quality wallpapers that  Go ahead and check out the preview below, you won’t be disappointed with these Spooky wallpapers.

Halloween Wallpapers included in the theme pack

Let us know what you think about them by leaving a comment below, we also have a Fall theme and a Christmas theme you might like.