More magical experiences from AI-powered Edge to personalize and streamline the way you browse


Microsoft Edge is doubling down on our vision as the AI-powered, smarter browser. We keep innovating to make browsing more convenient, fast and fun. For us, AI is not just a trendy word. We are leading the way in using this magical technology for our customers’ benefit – with responsibility and customer trust at the forefront. Our mission has always been the same – giving you intuitive, helpful tools and features, so you can have more time for what you love most.

Today, we’re excited to announce new AI-powered features available in Microsoft Edge that can help you enhance and express your creativity, stay focused, and get more done.

Check out our latest features below.

Now available: Personalize your browser experience with AI-generated themes

Over the years, we’ve made a wide variety of browser themes available to allow our users to personalize their experience. We’ve also seen how AI can help you express your creativity and make things your own. This is why today we’re…

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