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Himno official logoHimno game on Windows 10

Hello everyone, today you can finally download Himno for Windows 10 and experience one of the most relaxing but yet exciting games you can play on any PC. This indie game is the talk of the town on the Steam community forums and deservedly so.

Today we will highlight a popular indie game made by a developer known as David Moralejo Sánchez and published by GrabTheGames. This game is one of the most unique games that I have personally played so far in 2019, hell maybe even in all of 2018. This game is a simple, casual but at the same time ever expanding and adapting game that adapts to the way you play. What makes this game different is that you don’t have to stress when you playing this game, no deaths, no violence. Just make sure you explore the auto-generated maps and find what you need to go to the next level. If you have younger siblings or children, this game would be perfect for them as well. Again, if you want a peaceful game that you can play for hours while also de-stressing yourself, Himno is for you. Let us know in the comments what you think about this game, it’s free to download by the way.

What Is Himno Game About?

Himno was created a long time ago as a private project for the developer to de-stress himself. Little by little the developer fell in love with his own game, and that’s why he decided to share it for free. If you enjoy simple games about platforming and parkour, this will catch you! The controls are super intuitive and easy to learn, and there is an endless amount of procedurally generated maps for you to explore and overcome in many different ways like the old 8-bit platforms.

Himno Game Features:

  • Non-violent, no death
  • Your actions in the world trigger emotional soundtracks and vibrant visuals
  • Wall-jumps, slides, dashes, moving platforms, lifts
  • Play at your own pace without pressure
  • Watch bright things dance around you
  • Great for playing for a little while every now and then to discover some new maps
  • Enjoyable by a wide variety of player skill

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Himno Gameplay Video