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Pcmanager logoPC Manager on Windows

Hello everyone, you can download PC Manager for Windows 11 and experience a new and perhaps future-proof way to keep your Windows 11 and even Windows 10 computers running smoothly.

Today we will highlight some reasons why we think you should definitely try this new app by Microsoft themselves. At the time of this posting, this app is currently is in public beta which means it is probably close to be officially released so give it a try. I installed it yesterday as soon as I heard the news about it, some of you might have heard it a couple days before that but either way, the app is here and it does what it says it does. If you have Windows 11 already, you might find this app a bit redundant as Windows Defender seems to do some of its functions but like I said, it is still worth a try because they have included new features including a way to boost your computer’s performance with a single click. This app basically reminds me of mobile apps, it seems laptops and phones are merging into one even with the way they “act”. Is this a good thing? Let’s wait to find out…Let us know in the comments what you think about it if you decide to try it.

Install PC Manager on Windows

Download PC Manager on Windows 11/10

What is PC Manager about?

PC Manager is a program made by Microsoft that works on your Windows PC to make sure it is running smoothly. It detects viruses, junk files, cleans up old files and it can even boost your computer’s performance.

PC Manager Features:

  • Clean up system debris, release occupied resources, and make your Windows as fast as new.
  • Quickly detect computer abnormalities, clean up garbage, detect viruses, and solve system risks with one click.
  • Deep clean up system storage space, manage large files, turn on Disk Sense, and free up your computer storage space.
  • Embeds Windows Defender to protect your computer.

PC Manager Screenshots

PC Manager Video

PC Manager PC Requirements

  • Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs.