Overhyped games that flopped the fastest


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Overhyped games that flopped pcHello everyone, on this page you will explore a list of overhyped or dare I say overrated games that flopped the fastests. But, to be fair right away, some of these games really are fun to play and some of you might even really enjoy them even now. I have a couple of games on this list that I really wish weren’t on here because the games were really fun with the exceptions to a few problems here and there, but anyway, let’s dive in and see which games made the list. Remember, it’s all about personal taste, so don’t be surprised if one of your favorites is mentioned here. After all, one person’s flop might be another’s treasure. Let’s get started and find out more about these games that created a lot of buzz but didn’t quite meet the expectations for some.

Overhyped Games

Marvel’s Avengers

Avengers header

First of all, I loved this game when it came out, I was playing it on my PS4 and I even finished the solo campaign and at the time, I gave it a solid 7.5/10, the game was challenging and the numerous abilities and gears you could upgrade kept me hooked. But man, after that, the multiplayer campaign was not all that, they should have simply expanded the solo campaign in my opinion. The game was aimed to be an endlessly replayable service game, Marvel’s Avengers found some audience but suffered from mixed messaging, bugs, and controversial monetization practices. Despite initial interest and character expansions like Spider-Man and Black Panther, the player base dwindled, leading to the end of support in September 2023. I hope they give it another try and this time make the solo campaign really long and let us switch characters instantly at any time, much like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, what a classic that was!

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Babylon’s Fall

Babylon fall header

Babylon’s Fall came out with flashy marketing and promises but the game looked anything but. Despite the developer’s reputation for high-quality games, Babylon’s Fall was a notable misstep with its attempt at a multiplayer experience failing to resonate with players, leading to a quick demise and significant financial losses for its publisher, Square Enix.

[ The game has been completely unavailable since Feb 2023 ]


Battleborn header

Battleborn was released around the same time as Blizzard’s Overwatch, Battleborn struggled to find its footing despite its unique character designs and gameplay mechanics. Gearbox’s hopes for it to become the next big thing were dashed as player numbers plummeted, and despite attempts to revive this once promising game with new content and modes, it couldn’t compete with its all the games in 2016 which also included Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

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eFootball 2024

Efootball header

I know this is a weird one to add to the list but hear me out, ever since Pro Evolution Soccer rebranded to ‘eFootball’, it has been mostly a disaster and it has kept Fifa, or rather FC on top of the gaming industry without offering much competition from the once iconic franchise. I tried eFootball on my PS4 a year or two ago and If i remember right, the game was free at the time so I said what the heck, after about 1 or 2 hours of playing, I simply uninstalled it. It was just bad, I am hoping the newer versions of the game improve soon.

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Fast & Furious Crossroads

Fast furious crossroads header

Fast & Furious Crossroads was, by all means, perfectly announced with high expectations at the Game Awards 2019 by Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, the game fell into obscurity after a quiet delay and an underwhelming release in 2020. Its lackluster gameplay and half-hearted adaptation of the Fast & Furious franchise did little to attract or keep players, I tried it I think for about 2 hours or so at a local gaming store and never bothered to play it again.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens header

Anyone remember this little gem? It was hyped as the ultimate Aliens experience, it was met with controversy and disappointment upon release due to its significant differences from pre-release promises. The game’s poor quality in visuals, gameplay, and overall execution led to it being quickly forgotten.

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