Computex 2024: NVIDIA announces new technology and tools to deliver advanced AI experiences


At Computex, NVIDIA celebrated new RTX AI PC laptops from ASUS and MSI that feature its GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPUs and power-efficient systems-on-a-chip with Windows 11 AI PC capabilities. These Windows 11 AI PCs* will receive a free update to Copilot+ PC experiences when available.

For gamers, creators and developers, these new AI-powered laptops unlock new experiences. Copilot+ PC are the fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever built. Powered by silicon running at over 40 TOPS (Trillion Operations Per Second), they arrive ready to accelerate your productivity and creativity with the latest AI tools. There’s Recall, which you can use to find anything you’ve seen on your PC instantly. There’s Cocreator, which enables you to create artwork from text prompts. And there’s Live Captions, which can provide subtitles for any spoken audio in real-time, translated into English from more than 40 languages. It’s a whole new way to use a PC, and it comes equipped with all-day…

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