Download Windows 10 Acer Drivers

Hello on this page you will find the latest Acer Drivers for Windows 10. Don’t worry about downloading the wrong Acer drivers for your Windows 10 laptops and Desktops, we only share official download links from Acer themselves.

You will be able to download Acer Printer Drivers, Acer Video Cards, Acer Sound Cards, Acer Network Cards, and Acer Printer Drivers. We made sure to make this process easy and even a little bit of fun for you as you browse.

About Acer

Acer Incorporated is Taiwan’s leading exporter and the world’s fifth largest computer manufacturer. The company designs, manufactures, and sells computer hardware and software products; it ranks among the world’s largest manufacturers of individual components such as keyboards, motherboards, set-up boxes, storage drives, monitors, CD-ROM drives, keyboards, printers, scanners, and software. Acer’s nearly 30 years of growth results primarily from its business of manufacturing and assembling branded and contract PCs in several locations throughout the world. The company sells its products through dealers and distributors in more than 100 countries.

Taiwan’s high-tech industry pioneer Stan Shih cofounded Acer. Over the years Shih guided his company through several corporate restructuring processes as well as financial ups and downs of the 1980s and 90s. In a significant restructuring in 2000 Acer spun off its lucrative contract manufacturing business and renamed it Wistron Corporation. This helped position Acer on a growth curve in several markets. When Stan Shih retired in early 2005 Acer’s branded products had strong sales figures worldwide, and the company was poised to make a larger impact in the U.S. market through its desktop and notebook PCs.

Acer’s founder was born Shih Chen Jung in 1945. A shy youth, Shih blossomed at National Chiao Tung University, where his natural math aptitude helped him graduate at the top of his class. Shih, who later westernized his given name to Stan, earned a master’s degree in 1972 and went to work as a design engineer at Qualitron Industrial Corp.

In 1981, Acer hinted at a sweeping change in strategy with the establishment of Third Wave Publishing Corp. The term “third wave” referred to the most recent phase of the history of Taiwan’s computer industry: the first was characterized by trademark and patent piracy, the second by clonemaking, and the third by technological innovation. Instead of simply churning out other companies’ designs, Acer began to set itself apart from most of its Taiwanese competitors by doing its own research and development. For example, the company developed one of the world’s first Chinese language computer systems. In 1986, Acer was second only to Compaq to introduce a 32-bit PC with an Intel 386 microprocessor.

Acer went public in 1988, having chalked up average annual growth of 100 percent from 1976 to 1988. In 1988, net profits totaled more than $25 million.

Install Windows 10 Acer Drivers

How to Scan for missing Windows 10 Drivers

The best way to handle hardware issues and install drivers is through the Device Manager. Here are the easy 8 steps to find your missing Windows 10 drivers.

  1. Open the Control Panel in Windows 10 by pressing the Winkey + X at the same time. Winkey is the Windows key on your keyboard. The Power User Menu will pop up.
  2. Select the Control Panel option from here.
  3. If you can’t see all the different options in the panel, then change the view to Small icons, and all options will be displayed.
  4. Go to Device Manager.
  5. Expand the categories in the Device Manager and locate the device you want to update the driver for.
  6. A windows will pop-up with two choices. Select Browse my computer for driver software.
  7. Click on Browse and then select the location of the downloaded driver file. You can also copy and paste the location of the downloaded driver files into the location address bar.
  8. Hit Next and Windows 10 will try and automatically find the associate driver and install it.

Now a computer restart is usually not needed, but if it is necessary, do a reboot and your drive will be installed, and the hardware ready to use.

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