Microsoft 365 customer data locations


Data 365 office logoHello everyone, you can find the locations of the data for Microsoft 365 users like yourself, me, and millions of others across the planet, from companies to schools.

The tables below shows where customer data is stored for Microsoft 365 services across all of Microsoft’s global cloud locations. Expand the location of your billing address country to find out where customer data for each service would be stored.

Customers should view tenant specific data location information in your Microsoft 365 admin center in Settings > Org settings > Organization profile tab > Data location.

If you requested to move to a new Geo, the data location information in the Microsoft 365 admin center may show only your new Geo even though some data may be stored temporarily in your prior Geo during the transition. New Microsoft 365 tenants are defaulted to Geo based on the country of the transaction associated with that tenant’s first subscription.

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Where your Microsoft 365 Data is stored globally

The following regional geographies can store data at rest. The locations where customer data may be stored can change.

Regional Geographies Locations where customer data may be stored
Regional Geography 1 – EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Austria, Finland, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden
Regional Geography 2 – Asia Pacific Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea
Regional Geography 3 – Americas Brazil, Chile, United States

Specific Country/Region Data Center city locations

For country/region specific data centers, the following defines the cities where customer data is stored at rest.

Country City
Australia Sydney, Melbourne
Brazil Rio, Campinas
Canada Quebec City, Toronto
European Union Austria (Vienna), Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris, Marseille), Ireland (Dublin), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Sweden (Gävle, Sandviken, Staffanstorp)
France Paris, Marseille
Germany Frankfurt, Berlin
India Chennai, Mumbai, Pune
Japan Osaka, Tokyo
Qatar Doha
South Korea Busan, Seoul
Norway Oslo, Stavanger
South Africa Cape Town, Johannesburg
Sweden Gävle, Sandviken, Staffanstorp
Switzerland Geneva, Zurich
United Arab Emirates Dubai, Abu Dhabi
United Kingdom Durham, London, Cardiff
United States Boydton, Cheyenne, Chicago, Des Moines, Quincy, San Antonio, Santa Clara, San Jose

If you want to find out more information, go to the Microsoft data locations page.