Dev Home Preview v0.15 Release


Welcome to the latest release of Dev Home, where we’ve been working to deliver your top asks. Dev Home is available by default and is open source on GitHub. Let’s dive into what‘s new!

Machine configuration improvements

The machine configuration tool is intended to help you get your developer machine set up in a snap. We’ve made some improvements to it with additional WinGet DSC integration. You can now generate a configuration file after going through the setup flow and Dev Home will also detect a configuration file in a repo after cloning. We’ve also added a new summary and details view when running configuration files.

Machine configuration screen

Quickstart Playground

Quickstart Playground is a new experimental feature within machine configuration that allows you to quickly spin up a development project with the power of AI. To learn more about Quickstart Playground, check out our docs.


We’re making it even easier to get into your development flows by providing access to…

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