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Hello everyone, we have Legend of Gods for Windows available to download for free. This is a new game that is currently trending in the Microsoft Windows Store as a top 10 game to play right now.

Today we will promote the Legend of Gods game which is available on Windows 11, Xbox One, Hub and HoloLens platforms. The game is made by a Developer who goes by the name JoyDo and it is categorized as a strategy and RPG game.

What Is Legend of Gods Game About?

Legend of Gods allows you to unleash an mysterious power from the Eternal Seal, the Devil Dragon becomes the biggest threat to the whole world. World are in chaos! Peace are broken, lands are poisoned, lives are slain and souls are tormented. The Dragon Ring! Only the Dragon Ring can make Dragons sealed, but it was gone, long gone. To find the Dragon Ring, many braves have joined our marvelous journey. But it was only the beginning. Experience an exciting adventure, defeat the mysterious Devil Dragon, don’t ever miss it.

Legend of Gods Features:

  • Adaptive gaming combat style.
  • Warriors, rampage through the battlefield.
  • Archers, a hundred bull’s eye without a single miss.
  • Swordsmen, devastate anything before them.
  • Mages, manipulate the mysterious power of magic.
  • Balanced classes, await for your command.
  • The fiercest and most dangerous dragon.
  • The bravest and toughest companion.
  • The coolest and most powerful equipment.
  • Hunt the most dangerous creatures.

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