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Payday 3 official headerPayday 3 on Windows

Hello everyone, you can download Payday 3 for Windows 11 and experience playing the 3rd installment in the action rpg heist franchise with improved graphics and customization.

Install Payday 3 on Windows

Download Payday 3 on Windows & XBox X/S via Microsoft Store

Download Payday 3 on Windows 10/11 via Steam

Today we will highlight some reasons why we think you should go ahead and give this game a try on your Windows 10, Windows 11 or XBox X/S systems. I remember playing Payday 2 a couple of years back and the game was definitely fun so when I loaded up Payday 3, I assumed it would also be exciting, well, I was just a slight bit disappointed because of all the bugs on the UI but that should be fixed soon. Another issue is the servers, Payday 3 unfortunately is a co-op game, meaning you need to play it online and that has proven to be a big problem since the launch of the game as a lot of people are saying they cannot access the servers, and whenever they do, the servers are slow and laggy. This has led to the very bad reviews the game has gotten on Steam as we type but I am hopeful they will release some big patches in the coming weeks and months to address such things.

I still think they should have launched it with offline mode or single player mode for those of us who are not all about multiplayer. Luckily you can technically play Payday 3 solo by following this guide I found online. Let us know in the comments if you decide to try this co-op action game, don’t be shy.

The game is included for free if you have a PC Gamepass

What is Payday 3 game about?

Payday 3 is a cooperative first-person shooter game that works on your Windows PC. You where players take on the role of heisters, working together to pull off daring robberies in a variety of locations. The game is known for its exciting and unpredictable gameplay, as well as its wide range of customization options for players to create their own unique heisters.

In Payday 3, players can choose from a variety of different heists to carry out, each with its own unique challenges and rewards. Players must carefully plan their heists and choose the right equipment and loadouts in order to succeed. During a heist, players must work together to coordinate their attacks, take down guards, and secure the loot. However, things can quickly go wrong, and players must be prepared to improvise and adapt to changing situations.

Payday 3 Features:

  • New setting and characters: Payday 3 takes place in New York City in the 2020s, and features a new cast of characters, including returning heisters Dallas, Chains, Wolf, Hoxton, and Joy, as well as a new character named Pearl.
  • Improved gameplay: Payday 3 features a number of gameplay improvements over its predecessor, including more dynamic and unpredictable AI, a new perk system that allows players to customize their heisters in more ways, and a new stealth system that gives players more options for avoiding detection.
  • New crime types: Payday 3 features a variety of new crime types, including heists that involve cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency mining, and cybercrime.
  • New weapons and gadgets: Payday 3 features a wide range of new weapons and gadgets, including a variety of new firearms, melee weapons, and explosives.
  • 2.0: Payday 3 features a new version of the job board, which allows players to find and join heists more easily. 2.0 also includes a number of new features, such as the ability to filter jobs by difficulty, crime type, and location.

Payday 3 Gameplay Screenshots

Payday 3 Gameplay Video

Payday 3 PC Requirements

  • Minimum OS: Windows 10 64-Bit or Windows 11 64-Bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-9400F or better
  • RAM: 16 GB RAM or better
  • HDD: 100 GB HD space
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1650 or better
  • Video Memory: 4 GB VRAM or better
  • DirectX: Requires DirectX 12 compatible system
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

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