How to record and add audio to your PowerPoint Presentation


Learn how to add audio to powerpointHello everyone, on this page you will learn how to add audio to your PowerPoint slides and presentations. We have of course included a video as well for those of you who are like me and prefer visual learning to get a clearer understanding of the process. Our step-by-step guide is designed to make adding audio seamless and straightforward, whether you’re aiming to enhance your presentation with background music, narration, or sound effects. Dive in to transform your slides into engaging experiences that will keep your audience glued to your presentation.

Add audio to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Adding Audio from Your PC

  1. Navigate to Audio Import: Click on Insert > Media > Audio, then select Audio on My PC.
  2. Choose Your File: Within the Insert Audio window, browse and pick the audio file you intend to use.
  3. Finalize the Addition: Click on Insert to add the selected audio to your presentation.

Recording Audio in PowerPoint

    • Initiate Audio Recording: Navigate through Insert > Media > Audio, then choose Record Audio.
    • Name Your Audio Clip: Enter a label for your audio file, hit Record, and begin speaking.
      • Note on Equipment: Ensure your device’s microphone is activated to capture audio.
    • Playback and Review: To listen to your recording, press Stop, then Play.
    • Re-recording Option: If the initial recording isn’t to your liking, press Record again to overwrite it, or hit OK if it meets your expectations.
    • Adjusting Audio Placement: To reposition your audio on the slide, simply drag the audio symbol to your preferred location.
      • Tip: For slides with multiple audio files, it’s best to just keep the audio icon in the same place.
    • Play the Audio: Select Play to hear your audio clip.

Change playback options

  • Access the Playback Panel: Click on the audio symbol, then navigate to the Playback section. Choose the settings you’d like to adjust:
    • Trim Audio: Hit Trim, and use the red and green sliders to adjust the start and end points of your audio clip.
    • Fade Effects: To apply fade in or fade out effects, modify the values in the Fade Duration fields.
    • Volume Control: For volume adjustments, click on Volume and select your desired level.
    • Audio Start Options: Use the dropdown menu to decide how your audio initiates:
      • In Click Sequence – Triggers the audio to play with a click.
      • Automatically – Auto-plays when you move to the slide containing the audio.
      • When Clicked On – Requires a click on the icon for playback.
    • Audio Playback Choices: Decide on the audio’s behavior within your presentation:
      • Play Across Slides – Allows the audio to continue across multiple slides.
      • Loop until Stopped – Loops the audio until manually paused or stopped.
    • Continuous Background Playback: For uninterrupted background audio across all slides, opt for Play in Background.

      Recording Audio for Specific Slides or Entire Presentation

      1. Choose Starting Position: Under the SlideShow tab, click Record Slide Show and select either From Current Slide or From Beginning.
      2. Adjust Settings: Adjust your microphone settings and toggle your camera if needed.
      3. Begin Recording: Hit the Play button to start. You can pause or stop the recording anytime.
      4. Stop and Share: To conclude recording, click the `X’. Share your recording by exporting the PowerPoint file as a video with your recorded timings and narrations.

      Adding Pre-Recorded Audio

      1. Insert Audio: On the desired slide, go to the Insert tab, select Audio > Audio on My PC, and choose your pre-recorded file.
      2. Configure Playback Options: Customize how and when your audio plays during the presentation.

      Deleting Audio

      • Simply select the audio icon on your slide and press Delete.

      Video instructions

      PowerPoint Resources

      1. Learn how to add video to your powerpoint.
      2. GCFGlobal – PowerPoint: Inserting Audio: This tutorial from GCFGlobal educates users on how to insert audio files into PowerPoint slides, record their own audio, and work with audio files within the presentation, including editing and customizing playback options.
      3. Try Microsoft 365 – It includes Office 2024, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Excel.