Transforming Healthcare with HoloLens 2: Discover Our Top eBooks

Hololens2 healthcare apps

Are you ready to unlock the future of healthcare and medical technology for your hospital, school, business or organization?

Explore our carefully selected HoloLens 2 eBooks that highlight different software that works on your HoloLens 2 device, and discover the latest advancements that are transforming the field of medicine.

I chose these myself after browsing the web and checking which one of Microsoft’s official partners are in the healthcare industry, once I did that I found their eBooks and I have them here for you to download for free. I also converted them to different formats, each book is available in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats.

Top HoloLens 2 Healthcare eBooks

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Medicine Revitalized, Reimagined, Renewed

Explore how innovations like AI, machine learning, and HoloLens 2 are transforming patient care and diagnostics by using apoQlar software. This eBook provides a comprehensive guide to the future of medicine and healthcare.

SYNERGIZ Harbor ebook

Unleash the Power of Mixed Reality

Explore the transformative impact of mixed reality technologies with a focus on Synergiz Harbor software. Learn how HoloLens 2 and XR experiences are enhancing collaboration and productivity in healthcare.

GigXR ebook

Transform Your Learning Environment with XR

Discover how GigXR’s HoloPatient and HoloHuman apps are revolutionizing medical education through interactive 3D models and simulations with HoloLens 2. This eBook is for anyone interested in the future of educational technology.

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If you need guidance on which software would be the best fit for your hospital, school, or business, you can contact me directly, and I’ll be happy to provide tailored recommendations.